Monday, 20 January 2014


Hello and welcome to the Southern Highlands'

Lifestyle Class series

My name is Margaret and I can't wait to show you all the wonderful tips to styling beautiful tables, gifts, flowers and food that I have been creating in my 12 years as a professional stylist.

I have met so many clever and creative people along the way, and throughout the year they will be invited as guest teachers. Their passions are an important part of their lives and they are eager to share all that they have learnt over the years with you. Some of these guest teachers include Jan Berry, Susie Porter, Suzanne Gronow and Corinne Dany.

The purpose of these Lifestyle Classes is to provide you with information, resources and to connect you with people who can help you enhance the way you live and take the steps towards realizing just how creative you really are.

Click here to find out about the class format.

Click here to see the wonderful line up of classes for 2014.

Visit the Gallery of images showing you where the classes will be held. 

Corinne Dany has been taking photographs for me for a few years. Her professionalism, passion and enthusiasm for our projects has brought to life, with wonderful clarity, the images and themes presented. This site expresses what I have been feeling and thinking and would not be as beautiful as it is without her design and photography skills. I sincerely cannot thank her enough!